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Nickerson Beach, July 2017 - photo by Carena Pooth
      Nickerson Beach, July 2017

NYSYBC conducts field trips all over New York State with the help of our Partner Organizations. These trips are an excellent way to meet fellow young birders and see some awesome birds! Each field trip is led by an expert birder who is very familiar with the area and its birds. Some of our trips include both a field birding component and a special educational segment, such as a behind-the-scenes tour of a museum, a presentation by an ornithologist, or a visit to a nesting colony of birds.

NYSYBC field trips are open ONLY to:

  • Young birders (age 10-19) and their parents. PLEASE NOTE: Young birders who have attended a previous NYSYBC trip may go on additional field trips only if they have become NYSYBC members.
  • Youth Member alumni who have maintained uninterrupted membership as Supporting Adults since their 20th birthday.
  • Supporting Adult members - if you wish to attend a trip, please as early as possible.
  • Other adults specifically invited.

ALL YOUNG BIRDERS UNDER AGE 12 must be transported and accompanied by a parent at all times.

Because these trips require a good deal of planning and coordination:
ALL YOUNG BIRDERS PLANNING TO ATTEND MUST SUBMIT A COMPLETED TRIP REGISTRATION FORM by the stated deadline for each trip. In addition, for those under age 18, an up-to-date MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION FORM must be submitted with the Trip Registration Form for the first trip they attend each calendar year.
Parents, please understand that we require your written signature in the interest of your child's safety.

Non-members may attend one NYSYBC field trip (and their parents may attend with them if they wish) but must become NYSYBC Youth Members before attending any subsequent field trips. Exception: Out of state residents between the ages of 10 and 19 who visit the state occasionally may attend two field trips per year as non-members.

Some of our events involve special arrangements and/or additional cost to NYSYBC. Participation in these special trips is usually limited to NYSYBC members only.

TRIPS ARE SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION due to weather or if too few registrations are received by the stated deadline. We use email to communicate in these situations.  

2017 Field Trips
Sunday January 14, 2018 - Annual Kickoff Conference - Mariandale Conference Center
(Ossining, Westchester County
Sponsored by Saw Mill River Audubon, a NYSYBC Partner Organization       

                              ~ OPEN TO 2018 NYSYBC MEMBERS ONLY ~
This is our annual club kickoff, a one-day conference. Mariandale is not only a topnotch conference facility but an EBIRD HOTSPOT!  It is especially good for waterfowl in winter.  It is 61-acre property that sits on a hill overlooking the Hudson River just south of the Croton-Harmon RR station.  You will have a chance to scan the river for waterfowl during our lunch break. 

Anne Swaim leading the walk at Croton Point, January 2017, photo by Mary BatchellerWe will start the day at 8:00 birding with local experts from SMRA.  At 10:00 we will gather inside for the rest of the day (until about 3 or 4, depending on presentations etc.).  Club President Garret Van Gelder will be running the meeting and club Secretary Ryan Zucker will be taking the minutes. We’ll have a number of presentations, discussions, our annual Book & Stuff Swap, and a Photo Quiz with club VP Nick Kachala. We'll also talk about the highlights of 2017, some general birding topics, 2018 field trips, NYSYBC Big Day in May, NYSYBC scholarship program, NYSOA annual meeting, and election of officers as well as volunteer leadership positions.

As the club continues to grow, these meetings are a great way for us all to connect and plan our activities for the upcoming year.  Your ideas will be heard and really do matter.  Think about what you would like to do and see this year.  We can't promise that we can do them all, but many of our past trips have been based on club member ideas.

Youth Members are encouraged to attend. It's YOUR club, and this is your chance to have a say in how it is run and what activities it will offer.

A morning snack and beverages will be provided, along with hot lunch.

The meeting is open to 2017 NYSYBC Youth Members in good standing, their parents, and other specifically invited adults only.

Trip Registration Form due by 12/28/16.

Sunday February 18, 2018 - Montauk / Eastern Long Island (Suffolk County)
Sponsoring NYSYBC Partner:  Eastern Long Island Audubon Society   Trip Leader: Bob Adamo

Harlequin Duck, photo by Carena Pooth
Our good friend Bob Adamo will be leading this field trip on Presidents' Day weekend.

Montauk Point and nearby areas are famous for fantastic winter birding.


Target birds include loons, grebes, scoters, Northern Gannet, Harlequin Duck, Common Eider, Long-tailed Duck, Razorbill, and more!

Watch your email Inbox and check back here for details coming soon!

Trip Registration Form due by 2/10/17.

March 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!

April 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!

May 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!         

June 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!

July 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!

August 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!

September 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!

October 5-7, 2018 - NYSOA 71st Annual Meeting & New York State Birders Conference (Rochester)  
Hosted by Rochester Birding Association

The NYSOA Annual Meeting is one of the largest birding and ornithology events in New York State.

There will be AWESOME field trips in the area, many well-known speakers, fascinating workshops, an informative paper session, and a Saturday night banquet highlighted by a keynote speaker.

NYSOA Annual Meeting bannerYoung birders are encouraged to make paper session presentations at this conference. For a list of past presentations by NYSYBC members, visit our Hall of Fame page on this website.

More information will be available on the NYSOA website in the spring. Also watch your email Inbox!

Trip Registration & Stipend Request Form due by 9/21/18. To qualify for a stipend, you must be a NYSYBC Youth Member, attend the Saturday Paper Session, Banquet, and Keynote Presentation.

November 2018 - To Be Announced - check back soon!

December - Christmas Bird Count

There is no NYSYBC field trip planned for December. Instead, we ask young birders to participate in one or more Christmas Bird Counts. Each year, the CBC season runs from December 14th through January 5th. Check with your local bird club or visit Audubon's online CBC page to find out how you can get involved in CBCs in your area!