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Laughing Gull, photo by Jacob Drucker
Laughing Gull
photo by Jacob Drucker

A duck walks into a drug store to buy chapstick.
The clerk says, "Will that be cash or charge?"
The duck says, "Just put it on my bill!"

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Jokes and Other Amusing Reads

Birds with Bellybuttons? by Hope Batcheller
You Might Be a Birder if... contributed by Hope Batcheller
The Laws of Birding contributed by Doug Gochfeld


Speed birding - When driving, roll down windows an equal amount on both passenger and driver sides. Each person tries to be the first to call out birds heard out the window. — Hope Batcheller

Bird poker - "I hear a Black-capped Chickadee." "I hear your Black-capped Chickadee and I'll raise you an Eastern Phoebe." "I hear your Eastern Phoebe and I'll raise you a flyover Red-tailed Hawk." "I see your Red-tail and I'll raise you a ...." You get the idea.— Hope Batcheller

Sooty Grouse at Yosemite, photo by Ben Goloff
Why did the Sooty Grouse cross the road?
Sooty Grouse, Yosemite 2008
photo by Ben Goloff


Check out these websites:

Patuxent Bird Quiz, a fun way to sharpen your skills
Mission: Migration, an online game in which you guide your flock through the hazards of migration (courtesy of Audubon New York)
, a fun educational bird site for kids of all age
s (courtesy of Jody Hildreth)
Birding Humor Bruce Bowman, University of Michigan
Dr. Language Person's Guide to Bird Name Pronunciations by Kevin McGowan
Mr. Bill's Mystery Quiz sponsored by Colorado Field Ornithologists

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And why did the Canada Goose cross the road?
photo by Hope Batcheller