NYSYBC ScholarshipsLast Updated 7/12/17

The NYSYBC Scholarship Program was established in 2010 to help NYSYBC Youth Members participate in educational bird conservation and birding-related programs and events.

ELIGIBLE PROGRAMS/EXPENSES: Non-credit classes, courses, workshops, camps, conventions, birding trips, and other educational activities related to conservation and birding are eligible. Independent, unstructured trips are not eligible.
Certain travel expenses (including some of those incurred during NYSYBC and NYSOA trips far from your home) are eligible.

SOURCE OF FUNDING: NYSYBC's Scholarships are paid for through fundraising by students, parents, and adult advisors of the club, along with other donations made by individuals and organizations.

UPDATED 9/10/15 ANNUAL CYCLE: Applications are accepted during the months of July and August (DEADLINE: August 31) for programs completed since September 1 of the previous calendar year and/or programs the applicant plans to complete before the end of the current calendar year. All applications are processed after August 31 and scholarships are awarded in the fall. More than one program may be included on a single application.

APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY: Scholarship applicants must be BOTH
(a) NYSYBC Youth Members in good standing throughout the entire program/event; AND
(b) Youth or Supporting Adult Members in good standing at the time of application.

In addition, during the 12 months preceding the application deadline, applicants must have
(a) attended at least two NYSYBC events or trips; OR (b) raised at least $200 for the club.

SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNTS: The number and monetary value of scholarships awarded each year varies depending upon the number of applications received and funds available.
When the Scholarship Program was established, the club's Youth Officers decided that it should be non-competitive. This means that, in any given year, all applications meeting the requirements win equal awards.

For examples of eligible programs and full details, download the Scholarship Guidelines and Application Form.