World Series of BirdingPosted 4/16/12

Support the New York State Young Birders Club in its biggest fundraising event of the year!

The members of the New York State Young Birders Club are psyched! On May 12, the club will once again compete in the annual World Series of Birding in New Jersey. The WSB is a birding and fundraising event sponsored by the Cape May Bird Observatory. The competition spans 24 nonstop hours, in which dozens of birding teams scour New Jersey trying to see and hear as many bird species as possible.

NYSYBC will have TWO teams this year with a total of 6 young birders participating. Please consider supporting the club (and helping to motivate its teams) by pledging or making a donation.

One of NYSYBC's two teams, the Razorbills, will start off in northern New Jersey at midnight Friday night. By midnight on Saturday, May 12th, they will have made their way down to the finish line in Cape May (at the state's southern tip), after covering a huge variety of habitats including swamps, grasslands, forests, mudflats, and saltmarshes. In mid-May, this route should be popping with migrating birds and could reasonably yield 150 species—the Razorbills’ goal for this year.

The second NYSYBC team, the Vagrants, will spend the entire 24-hour period birding Cape May County, perhaps the best place to bird on the east coast. While they will not visit as many locations, they will spend more time birding in the field and less time in the car. The Vagrants will tally fewer species than the Razorbills, but 130 would not be out of the question!

The primary purpose of NYSYBC’s fundraising during the World Series of Birding is to support the club’s scholarship program. This program helps fund participation by the club’s young birders in birding camps and other educational programs related to bird conservation. Thanks to our generous sponsors last year, scholarships totaling nearly $2000 were awarded to 6 NYSYBC members in each of the last two years.

If you would like to support NYSYBC’s World Series effort, (no need to pay anything now!), and
1) Pledge a set amount per average number of species seen by both teams (about 140), or
2) Pledge a set amount per species seen by a specific team (Razorbills or Vagrants) or a team member. The 2012 teams are shown at the bottom of the Hall of Fame page.
3) Pledge a fixed lump sum amount.

EXAMPLES: Assume Razorbills tally 150 species and Vagrants tally 130.
Option 1: Average is 140. If you pledge 20 cents per species, your total donation will be $28. If you pledge 35 cents per species, your donation will be $49.
Option 2: If you pledge 20 cents per species for the Razorbills or you sponsor a specific member of that team, your total donation will be $30. If you pledge 25 cents per species for the Vagrants or sponsor a specific member of that team, your total donation will be $32.50.

You will be notified of the teams' species totals and amount owed after the event. You can also donate online at any time! All donations are tax-deductible.

NYSYBC is a special project of the New York State Ornithological Association (NYSOA).  The objectives of the NYSOA are to document the ornithology of New York State; to foster interest in and appreciation of birds; and to protect birds and their habitats.

For more information about the World Series of Birding, please visit

We’ll be happy to you may have. Thank you, and good birding!!

Carena Pooth, NYSYBC Adult Chair